The Broadspectrum Digital Agriculture Product is divided into two:


This is our solution that connects everyone in the Agriculture value chain i.e. farmers, input providers, transporters (logistics), brokers, banks, insurance firms, government, manufacturers etc. (farm to factory)


This is our solution that connect everyone in the retail supply chain i.e. manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, banks, insurance firms, logistics providers etc. (factory to fork)

Rural Property Management (Land Tenure)

Spatial Module (farm location and size intelligence)

Risk Hub (weather and scientific insight)

Agric Insurance Hub

Inputs Hub (machinery, seeds and agro-chemicals)

Farm Enumeration (biometrics, geospatial data)

Cropping and Animal Hub

Financial Hub

Processing and Harvesting Hub

Agro Support Model

Security Hub (data security)

Identification Hub (biometrics/gender/family status/next of Kin)